Creates a UrlTemplateImageryProvider instance that provides tiled imagery as generated by GDDAL2Tiles etc.
Name Type Description
options Object optional Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
url String '.' optional Path to image tiles on server.
fileExtension String 'png' optional The file extension for images on the server.
proxy Object optional A proxy to use for requests. This object is expected to have a getURL function which returns the proxied URL.
credit Credit | String '' optional A credit for the data source, which is displayed on the canvas.
minimumLevel Number 0 optional The minimum level-of-detail supported by the imagery provider. Take care when specifying this that the number of tiles at the minimum level is small, such as four or less. A larger number is likely to result in rendering problems.
maximumLevel Number optional The maximum level-of-detail supported by the imagery provider, or undefined if there is no limit.
rectangle Rectangle Rectangle.MAX_VALUE optional The rectangle, in radians, covered by the image.
tilingScheme TilingScheme optional The tiling scheme specifying how the ellipsoidal surface is broken into tiles. If this parameter is not provided, a WebMercatorTilingScheme is used.
ellipsoid Ellipsoid optional The ellipsoid. If the tilingScheme is specified, this parameter is ignored and the tiling scheme's ellipsoid is used instead. If neither parameter is specified, the WGS84 ellipsoid is used.
tileWidth Number 256 optional Pixel width of image tiles.
tileHeight Number 256 optional Pixel height of image tiles.
flipXY Boolean optional Older versions of flipped X and Y values in tilemapresource.xml. Specifying this option will do the same, allowing for loading of these incorrect tilesets.
The imagery provider.
var tms = SuperMap3D.createTileMapServiceImageryProvider({
   url : '../images/cesium_maptiler/Cesium_Logo_Color',
   fileExtension: 'png',
   maximumLevel: 4,
   rectangle: new SuperMap3D.Rectangle(