new SuperMap3D.ShadowMap(options)

Use Viewer#shadowMap to get the scene's shadow map originating from the sun. Do not construct this directly.

The normalOffset bias pushes the shadows forward slightly, and may be disabled for applications that require ultra precise shadows.

Name Type Description
options Object An object containing the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
lightCamera Camera A camera representing the light source.
enabled Boolean true optional Whether the shadow map is enabled.
isPointLight Boolean false optional Whether the light source is a point light. Point light shadows do not use cascades.
pointLightRadius Boolean 100.0 optional Radius of the point light.
cascadesEnabled Boolean true optional Use multiple shadow maps to cover different partitions of the view frustum.
numberOfCascades Number 4 optional The number of cascades to use for the shadow map. Supported values are one and four.
maximumDistance Number 5000.0 optional The maximum distance used for generating cascaded shadows. Lower values improve shadow quality.
size Number 2048 optional The width and height, in pixels, of each shadow map.
softShadows Boolean false optional Whether percentage-closer-filtering is enabled for producing softer shadows.
darkness Number 0.3 optional The shadow darkness.
normalOffset Boolean true optional Whether a normal bias is applied to shadows.


color : Color

the color of shadow.
Default Value: Black

darkness : Number

Determines the darkness of the shadows.
Default Value: 0.3

enabled : Boolean

Determines if the shadow map will be shown.
Default Value: true

maximumDistance : Number

Determines the maximum distance of the shadow map. Only applicable for cascaded shadows. Larger distances may result in lower quality shadows.
Default Value: 5000.0

normalOffset : Boolean

Determines if a normal bias will be applied to shadows.
Default Value: true

size : Number

The width and height, in pixels, of each shadow map.
Default Value: 2048

softShadows : Boolean

Determines if soft shadows are enabled. Uses pcf filtering which requires more texture reads and may hurt performance.
Default Value: false