Describe an ellipsoid or sphere. The center position and orientation are determined by the containing Entity.

new Cesium.PlotParameterRadarScan(options)

Name Type Description
options PlotParameterRadarScan.ConstructorOptions optional Object describing initialization options



Duplicates this instance.
Name Type Description
result PlotParameterRadar optional The object onto which to store the result.
The modified result parameter or a new instance if one was not provided.

Type Definitions


Name Type Attributes Default Description
id Property | String <optional>
point Property | Cartesian3 <optional>
rotate Property | Cartesian3 <optional>
show Property | boolean <optional>
true 是否显示
radii Property | Cartesian3 <optional>
innerRadii Property | Cartesian3 <optional>
minimumClock Property | number <optional>
0.0 雷达水平方向的最小角度,决定雷达的水平切面是圆面还是扇面
maximumClock Property | number <optional>
2*PI 雷达水平方向的最大角度,决定雷达的水平切面是圆面还是扇面
minimumCone Property | number <optional>
0.0 雷达竖直方向的最小角度
maximumCone Property | number <optional>
PI 雷达竖直方向的最大角度
heightReference Property | HeightReference <optional>
HeightReference.NONE A Property specifying what the height from the entity position is relative to.
fill Property | boolean <optional>
true 雷达是否显示填充
material MaterialProperty | Color <optional>
Color.WHITE 雷达包络填充色
outline Property | boolean <optional>
false 雷达是否显示网格线
outlineColor Property | Color <optional>
Color.BLACK 雷达网格线色
outlineWidth Property | number <optional>
1.0 雷达网格线宽
stackPartitions Property | number <optional>
64 A Property specifying the number of stacks.
slicePartitions Property | number <optional>
64 A Property specifying the number of radial slices.
subdivisions Property | number <optional>
128 A Property specifying the number of samples per outline ring, determining the granularity of the curvature.
shadows Property | ShadowMode <optional>
ShadowMode.DISABLED An enum Property specifying whether the ellipsoid casts or receives shadows from light sources.
distanceDisplayCondition Property | DistanceDisplayCondition <optional>
A Property specifying at what distance from the camera that this ellipsoid will be displayed.
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