new SuperMap3D.PerspectiveFrustum()

The viewing frustum is defined by 6 planes. Each plane is represented by a Cartesian4 object, where the x, y, and z components define the unit vector normal to the plane, and the w component is the distance of the plane from the origin/camera position.
var frustum = new SuperMap3D.PerspectiveFrustum();
frustum.aspectRatio = canvas.clientWidth / canvas.clientHeight;
frustum.fov = SuperMap3D.Math.PI_OVER_THREE;
frustum.near = 1.0;
frustum.far = 2.0;


aspectRatio : Number

The aspect ratio of the frustum's width to it's height.
Default Value: undefined

far : Number

The distance of the far plane.
Default Value: 500000000.0

fov : Number

The angle of the field of view (FOV), in radians. This angle will be used as the horizontal FOV if the width is greater than the height, otherwise it will be the vertical FOV.
Default Value: undefined

readonlyfovy : Number

Gets the angle of the vertical field of view, in radians.
Default Value: undefined

readonlyinfiniteProjectionMatrix : Matrix4

The perspective projection matrix computed from the view frustum with an infinite far plane.

near : Number

The distance of the near plane.
Default Value: 1.0

readonlyprojectionMatrix : Matrix4

Gets the perspective projection matrix computed from the view frustum.

xOffset : Number

Offsets the frustum in the x direction.
Default Value: 0.0

yOffset : Number

Offsets the frustum in the y direction.
Default Value: 0.0



Returns a duplicate of a PerspectiveFrustum instance.
Name Type Description
result PerspectiveFrustum optional The object onto which to store the result.
The modified result parameter or a new PerspectiveFrustum instance if one was not provided.

computeCullingVolume(position, direction, up)CullingVolume

Creates a culling volume for this frustum.
Name Type Description
position Cartesian3 The eye position.
direction Cartesian3 The view direction.
up Cartesian3 The up direction.
A culling volume at the given position and orientation.
// Check if a bounding volume intersects the frustum.
var cullingVolume = frustum.computeCullingVolume(cameraPosition, cameraDirection, cameraUp);
var intersect = cullingVolume.computeVisibility(boundingVolume);


Compares the provided PerspectiveFrustum componentwise and returns true if they are equal, false otherwise.
Name Type Description
other PerspectiveFrustum optional The right hand side PerspectiveFrustum.
true if they are equal, false otherwise.

getPixelDimensions(drawingBufferWidth, drawingBufferHeight, distance, result)Cartesian2

Returns the pixel's width and height in meters.
Name Type Description
drawingBufferWidth Number The width of the drawing buffer.
drawingBufferHeight Number The height of the drawing buffer.
distance Number The distance to the near plane in meters.
result Cartesian2 The object onto which to store the result.
The modified result parameter or a new instance of Cartesian2 with the pixel's width and height in the x and y properties, respectively.
// Example 1
// Get the width and height of a pixel.
var pixelSize = camera.frustum.getPixelDimensions(scene.drawingBufferWidth, scene.drawingBufferHeight, 1.0, new SuperMap3D.Cartesian2());
// Example 2
// Get the width and height of a pixel if the near plane was set to 'distance'.
// For example, get the size of a pixel of an image on a billboard.
var position = camera.position;
var direction = camera.direction;
var toCenter = SuperMap3D.Cartesian3.subtract(, position, new SuperMap3D.Cartesian3());      // vector from camera to a primitive
var toCenterProj = SuperMap3D.Cartesian3.multiplyByScalar(direction,, toCenter), new SuperMap3D.Cartesian3()); // project vector onto camera direction vector
var distance = SuperMap3D.Cartesian3.magnitude(toCenterProj);
var pixelSize = camera.frustum.getPixelDimensions(scene.drawingBufferWidth, scene.drawingBufferHeight, distance, new SuperMap3D.Cartesian2());