new SuperMap3D.GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata(options)

Provides metadata using the Google Earth Enterprise REST API. This is used by the GoogleEarthEnterpriseImageryProvider and GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider to share metadata requests.
Name Type Description
options Object Object with the following properties:
Name Type Description
url String The url of the Google Earth Enterprise server hosting the imagery.
proxy Proxy optional A proxy to use for requests. This object is expected to have a getURL function which returns the proxied URL, if needed.


imageryPresent : Boolean

True if imagery is available.
Default Value: true

key : ArrayBuffer

Key used to decode packets

negativeAltitudeExponentBias : Number

Exponent used to compute constant to calculate negative height values.
Default Value: 32

negativeAltitudeThreshold : Number

Threshold where any numbers smaller are actually negative values. They are multiplied by -2^negativeAltitudeExponentBias.
Default Value: EPSILON12

protoImagery : Boolean

True if imagery is sent as a protocol buffer, false if sent as plain images. If undefined we will try both.
Default Value: undefined

providers : Object

Dictionary of provider id to copyright strings.
Default Value: {}

terrainPresent : Boolean

True if terrain is available.
Default Value: true

readonlyurl : String

Gets the name of the Google Earth Enterprise server.



Converts a tile's quadkey used to request an image from a Google Earth Enterprise server into the (x, y, level) position.
Name Type Description
quadkey String The tile's quad key
  • GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata#tileXYToQuadKey

staticSuperMap3D.GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata.tileXYToQuadKey(x, y, level)

Converts a tiles (x, y, level) position into a quadkey used to request an image from a Google Earth Enterprise server.
Name Type Description
x Number The tile's x coordinate.
y Number The tile's y coordinate.
level Number The tile's zoom level.
  • GoogleEarthEnterpriseMetadata#quadKeyToTileXY