new SuperMap3D.ComputeCommand()

Represents a command to the renderer for GPU Compute (using old-school GPGPU).


fragmentShaderSource : ShaderSource

The fragment shader source. The default vertex shader is ViewportQuadVS.
Default Value: undefined

outputTexture : Texture

Texture to use for offscreen rendering.
Default Value: undefined

owner : Object

The object who created this command. This is useful for debugging command execution; it allows us to see who created a command when we only have a reference to the command, and can be used to selectively execute commands with Scene#debugCommandFilter.
Default Value: undefined
  • Scene#debugCommandFilter

pass : Pass

The pass when to render. Always compute pass.
Default Value: Pass.COMPUTE;

persists : Boolean

Whether the renderer resources will persist beyond this call. If not, they will be destroyed after completion.
Default Value: false

postExecute : function

Function that is called after the ComputeCommand is executed. Takes the output texture as its single argument.
Default Value: undefined

preExecute : function

Function that is called immediately before the ComputeCommand is executed. Used to update any renderer resources. Takes the ComputeCommand as its single argument.
Default Value: undefined

shaderProgram : ShaderProgram

The shader program to apply.
Default Value: undefined

uniformMap : Object

An object with functions whose names match the uniforms in the shader program and return values to set those uniforms.
Default Value: undefined

vertexArray : VertexArray

The vertex array. If none is provided, a viewport quad will be used.
Default Value: undefined



Executes the compute command.
Name Type Description
computeEngine Context The context that processes the compute command.