Defines how per-feature colors set from the SuperMap3D API or declarative styling blend with the source colors from the original feature, e.g. glTF material or per-point color in the tile.

When REPLACE or MIX are used and the source color is a glTF material, the technique must assign the _3DTILESDIFFUSE semantic to the diffuse color parameter. Otherwise only HIGHLIGHT is supported.

"techniques": {
  "technique0": {
    "parameters": {
      "diffuse": {
        "semantic": "_3DTILESDIFFUSE",
        "type": 35666


staticconstantSuperMap3D.Cesium3DTileColorBlendMode.HIGHLIGHT : Number

Multiplies the source color by the feature color.

staticconstantSuperMap3D.Cesium3DTileColorBlendMode.MIX : Number

Blends the source color and feature color together.

staticconstantSuperMap3D.Cesium3DTileColorBlendMode.REPLACE : Number

Replaces the source color with the feature color.