new SuperMap3D.AssociativeArray()

A collection of key-value pairs that is stored as a hash for easy lookup but also provides an array for fast iteration.


length : Number

Gets the number of items in the collection.

values : Array

Gets an unordered array of all values in the collection. This is a live array that will automatically reflect the values in the collection, it should not be modified directly.



Determines if the provided key is in the array.
Name Type Description
key String | Number The key to check.
true if the key is in the array, false otherwise.


Retrieves the value associated with the provided key.
Name Type Description
key String | Number The key whose value is to be retrieved.
The associated value, or undefined if the key does not exist in the collection.


Removes a key-value pair from the collection.
Name Type Description
key String | Number The key to be removed.
True if it was removed, false if the key was not in the collection.


Clears the collection.

set(key, value)

Associates the provided key with the provided value. If the key already exists, it is overwritten with the new value.
Name Type Description
key String | Number A unique identifier.
value Object The value to associate with the provided key.