new SuperMap3D.Animation(container, viewModel)

The Animation widget provides buttons for play, pause, and reverse, along with the current time and date, surrounded by a "shuttle ring" for controlling the speed of animation.

The "shuttle ring" concept is borrowed from video editing, where typically a "jog wheel" can be rotated to move past individual animation frames very slowly, and a surrounding shuttle ring can be twisted to control direction and speed of fast playback. SuperMap3D typically treats time as continuous (not broken into pre-defined animation frames), so this widget offers no jog wheel. Instead, the shuttle ring is capable of both fast and very slow playback. Click and drag the shuttle ring pointer itself (shown above in green), or click in the rest of the ring area to nudge the pointer to the next preset speed in that direction.

The Animation widget also provides a "realtime" button (in the upper-left) that keeps animation time in sync with the end user's system clock, typically displaying "today" or "right now." This mode is not available in ClockRange.CLAMPED or ClockRange.LOOP_STOP mode if the current time is outside of Clock's startTime and endTime.
Name Type Description
container Element | String The DOM element or ID that will contain the widget.
viewModel AnimationViewModel The view model used by this widget.
  • DeveloperError : Element with id "container" does not exist in the document.
// In HTML head, include a link to Animation.css stylesheet,
// and in the body, include: <div id="animationContainer"></div>

var clock = new SuperMap3D.Clock();
var clockViewModel = new SuperMap3D.ClockViewModel(clock);
var viewModel = new SuperMap3D.AnimationViewModel(clockViewModel);
var widget = new SuperMap3D.Animation('animationContainer', viewModel);

function tick() {


readonlycontainer : Element

Gets the parent container.

readonlyviewModel : AnimationViewModel

Gets the view model.